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The keys in our pockets fit our car, our house, our post office box, each a specific place. But a master key fits multiple locks and multiple doors. An ultimate and most elusive door is the door to our own unconscious where we find our greatest wisdom and peace. The Master Key video is the key to that place, the grail that is metaphoric to personal enlightenment and transcendence. The way of tapping this unconscious treasure is through a shift in consciousness often reached through meditation. The Master Key video is your key to instant meditation. There is no instruction.You slip into it while you watch. And you are there. In this uninterrupted altered state you can plumb your depths and retrieve your gems. Welcome to the new world of exploration, your spiritual frontier. 
The creators of The Master Key video go far beyond the typical meditation program. Hollywood produced by Lauren Brant, using stunning nature cinematography and original music, The Master Key is a 24-minute process which provides a vehicle for the mind to ride inward. In this inner place, this altered state of consciousness where the "noise" has been turned off, the gaps can be penetrated and personal discoveries emerge. There are no actors, no dialogue, nor any subliminal messages in the video. You are the eyes of the camera, and the experience is your own.
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The Master Key plain begins in the chaos of the city and quickly moves into music and nature. Here the process of relaxation and introspection begins. The video activates insight and intuition, a knowing based on impressions. This process takes you from one successive level to another, bringing a deeper understanding, integrating the left and right brain functions. 

Watching the video one time can be very rewarding, but repeated viewing actually creates a process of personal growth, creativity, and insight. Because you are in charge, you move at your own natural pace. Feelings and ideas will come to you. The video progresses into areas such as deep relaxation, creativity, problem solving, peak performance, awakening of the inner core, improvement in health, and reduction of depression.

The book, The Master Key to the Breakthrough Zone, was written by Lauren Brant and Ann Fraughton as a companion to the video. The Foreword is by Dr. Richard A. Lippin, Medical Director of ARCO Chemical Company. He explains the awakening of the inner core through the marriage of art and thought in The Master Key Process. 

Part I contains a personal Olympic experience with the phenomenon of the zone, flow, or peak performance and presents the approaches to attain it through activating the right brain. When the right and left brain are working cooperatively, it is here that the alpha state is reached. Alpha is the most effective brain wave for learning, healing, and performing. 

Part II describes the mind/body/spirit connection in action. Here you will experience a gentle self-discovery process where useful insights are triggered. Science has documented the importance of thought and emotion on health. The Master Key process enables principles of control, connectedness, meaning and purpose, and trust in one's life. 

Part III contains exercises in relaxation, concentration, and imagery to help create and anchor the flow process. There are three guided imageries and twenty-three mind exercises. The book's integrated voice elicits such comments: "That book was written just for me." "It was like my mind talking to myself." "It's a great find." "Each page gives a bite of wisdom." 

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