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America is predominately left brain and has taken the left brain logical, linear, rational thinking approach to education. While the left brain serves us well, it can serve us even more productively with increased learning when it works in cooperation with the metaphorical, intuitive and creative right brain. The right brain is the seat of the emotions, and when learning is combined with positive emotions, it is much more effective. When the right and left brain are working cooperatively, it is here that the alpha state is reached. Alpha is the most effective brain wave for learning and performing.

Often the left brain is difficult to quiet long enough to let the right brain come into full participation. Mild distractions can aid this process. Mozart had his wife read to him so that the left brain would be occupied. Then he could listen to and record the genius of his right brain. Often great ideas spontaneously come to us while taking a shower or driving the car.The Master Key video is designed to assist the viewer to tap this creative source. It quiets the left brain and creates a visual process to help access the right brain. The Master Key music aids this process also and anchors learning that occurs in this relaxed, creative alpha state.

Storing and retrieving knowledge is only a part of learning. Accessible also is intuitive, creative information that is the source of genius. For example, if you ask a child to lift a friend over his head, it is impossible, but put him on a seesaw, and it becomes play. Asking the left brain to do all the work limits possibilities. But invite the right brain in, and a whole new field of spontaneous insightful learning is opened. Learning becomes a joy, is exciting, and does not have to be synonymous with struggle.

Accelerated learning techniques rely heavily on the use of imagery, relaxation, and music to aid in the synchronization of brain-body rhythms. This brings the whole self into the learning process through a harmony of mind and body connection. The book, The Master Key to the Breakthrough Zone, that accompanies The Master Key video has specific descriptions and exercises to develop the abilities of imagery, concentration, and relaxation. Imagery teaches you to see and feel yourself doing an activity exceptionally well. It gives you a reality of excellence because you have experienced it. The book also creates an awareness of self-talk and its importance in enhancing or limiting learning and performance.

Left and right brain work together best in a state of restful activity. One of The Master Key's greatest strengths is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and create a relaxed state. The video can train a person to enter that state at will. One viewing can be extremely beneficial for relaxation, tapping inner resources, and creating a learning state. Repeated viewings enhance the process.

Dr. Richard A. Lippin, Medical Director, Arco Chemical Company and Founding President of The International Association of Arts and Medicine says: "A new modern Renaissance is emerging that can affect our health and education. Greater health, productivity and coping skills are possible. The Master Key process awakens our inner core, allows us to recognize our innate individual potential and provides a road map for individual growth and self-actualization."