Take this short quiz. If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, The Master Key program was designed with your needs in mind.

Are you aware that when you lose time, such as when driving or when taking a shower, that you are in an hypnotic state?

Do you feel an inner calling to understand more deeply the meaning of your life?

Would you like to have your answers be more active and accessible?

Would you be willing to take an easy 24 minute time out to release stressful feelings for relaxation?

Are you interested in retrieving unconscious thoughts and programming?

Would you like to have a tool that gets you going or gets you unstuck when you have to plan or create something?

Would you use a video that enables you to be a teacher and student at the same time?

Do you believe emotions hold the key to greater happiness, performance and physical health?

Would you like to see your life as a script and you as the director?

Do you believe trying too hard can harm performance, while letting go and "flowing" can enhance it?

Do you have certain issues in your life that you would like to resolve?